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Serving you better!

James & Jeeves is the catering division of INP nv. INP has specialised in the design and production of both personalised products and merchandising products for more than 15 years. The experience and knowledge we have achieved enable us to provide the catering industry with the widest range of silverware pouches. All our silverware pouches are own creations and are protected by copyright and/or design right in Europe.
'Serving you better' is our slogan, because we continuously aim at offering our customers and distributors the best services, in combination with quality products at competitive prices. Through our agency in China we take care of production, quality control and logistics worldwide.

Our customer-oriented approach and flexible attitude enable us to offer our customers:
• Creative customised quality solutions
• Strict quality control and on-time deliveries
• Competitive prices
• Punctual deliveries worldwide

Some references : Campari, USP Beverages, Delta Airlines, Thomas Cook, Best Western etc.